The new Acropolis Museum

has a total area of 25,000 sq.m,
with exhibition space of over 14,000 sq.m,
ten times more than that of the old museum
on the Hill of the Acropolis.
The new Museum offers all the amenities expected in an
international museum of the 21st century.

General Information


The Acropolis Museum is located in the historical area of Makriyianni,
southeast of the Rock of the Acropolis,
on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street.
It is only 300 metres from the Acropolis and approximately
two kilometres from Syntagma Square,
the main square of the city of Athens.
The Museum entrance is located at the beginning of the pedestrian
walkway of Dionysiou Areopagitou Street,
which constitutes the central route for the unified
network of the city’s archaeological sites.
The Acropolis metro station is on the east side of the Museum site.


The main entrance of the Acropolis Museum
is on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street.
There is a drop-off point for tour buses in Hatzichristou Street
and the entrance for groups is in Mitseon Street

Baggage control

Upon arrival at the Museum,
visitors go through an x-ray baggage control system.
To avoid delays, visitors are asked to avoid carrying
large bags and luggage into the Museum.


The cloakroom is located on the ground floor of the Museum,
where all backpacks and packages must be deposited.
To avoid lengthy delays in queues,
such items should not be brought into the Museum.
The Museum holds no responsibility for
valuables or fragile items deposited in the cloakroom.


Pets are not allowed inside the Museum.
Guide and assistance dogs accompanying
individuals with disabilities are welcome.

Wi Fi

The Museum provides free wifi internet access.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is only permitted in the Museum lobby,
restaurant and cafe areas.


Photography is permitted in all Museum exhibition areas,
except for the Gallery of the Slopes of
the Acropolis and the Archaic Acropolis Gallery.
No use of flash or any portable equipment such as
tripod and lighting kit is allowed inside the Museum.
The publication of photographs
in any print or electronic media is not permitted.

Museum guide

Covering more than 300 exhibits and with the help of images,
templates, drawings and reconstructions,
the Acropolis Museum Official Guide provides
a colourful introduction to the richness and diversity
of its unique collections and is a perfect companion for visitors
who wish to get acquainted with the Museum’s highlights.
It is available for purchase in the Museum Shops in Greek,
English, French, German and Spanish.
A Short Guide is also available for purchase in the Museum Shops in Greek,
English, French, German and Spanish. This Guide can be found in Braille,
Greek and English, for loan at the Museum’s Information Desk.

Tour guides

The Museum does not organize guided tours
but suggests that visitors find a guide through
the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides if they require one.

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