The Metal Machinery exhibition
of metal working machinery and technology
industrial equipment returns strongly
to the Greek market after a 10-year absence.

ROTA S.A. and T EXPO are the organizers of the exhibition,
under the support of the SEKEM association
(Hellenic Association of trading companies,
manufacturers of metalworking,
cutting and welding machines)

During the 3-day exhibition,
the mail goal is to bring together
the industrial equipment market
and establish Metal Machinery as the center
of all technological developments.
The Metal Machinery Exhibition will be held
on the 9th – 11th of November
at the ultra-modern exhibition centre METROPOLITAN EXPO
at the Athens International airport, El. Venizelos.

The exhibition’s profile

Metal processing machinery
Industrial subcontracting
Welding machinery
Industrial equipment
Cutting tools
Industrial materials and consumables
Industrial control instruments
Industrial measurement instruments
CAD / CAM / CIM Systems
Electrical industrial equipment
Ball bearings
Tools (electric-pneumatic-hand)
Sand blowing – Water blasting-Paint spraying equipment
Lifting equipment

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