Cannabis Conference

We invite you to join us and take part in
the first Israeli-Greek international conference
showcasing business opportunities in the expanding
international cannabis industry.
Athens is hosting this first of its kind event
March 18-19, 2020, at the Titania hotel.

In late 2018, Greece completed its first steps
in the legalization process and awarded
its first marijuana grow licenses to privately-owned companies.

These initial steps are part of the Greek government’s
goal of creating new business opportunities
in the emerging cannabis industry and connect
with medical cannabis companies worldwide.

– Craft and legacy growers seeking to enter
the legal international cannabis markets.
– Farmers and Landowners in Greece that want to learn
more about transitioning into cannabis from other industries.
– Professionals from the tobacco, pharma,
and alcohol industries seeking to enter a new space
in the expanding legal international markets.
– Financial investors and bank officials.
– Public agencies, medical doctors and healthcare staff.
– Anyone else who sees a future for themselves
in the ever-expanding industries of medicinal cannabis worldwide.

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