Playing Gods

hits Athens in July and brings the gods of Mount Olympus directly to you.
“Have a drink!” says Dionysius.

The Athenian Players welcome all from across the cosmos to an innovative
newly born comedy in a magical theater located
in the heart of historical Athens, beginning July 26 th .
Featuring a cast of five actor, this play takes the audience
on a theatrical adventure, from the heights of Mount Olympus to
the depths of the underworld and back again in just over an hour.
Follow the enchanting echo of a nymph as she falls
for the handsome Narcissus; witness Medusa revel the secret behind the monster;
watch Hephaestus have his revenge on his mother Hera; be lured by Hades’
seduction of the innocent Persephone and get lost with
the creatures of the underworld.
The question in everyone’s mind, though, is who will get
the golden apple – will Paris Alexandros choose Athena,
Hera or Aphrodite? Dionysius leads you through a rowdy night with
actors playing gods, and gods playing tricks.
ANNE-MARIE O’SULLIVAN, an Irish/British actress,
has created and directed The Athenian Players and
has co-written this comedy with the Irish playwright Maureen McManus.
The International cast, embodies the group’s ethos and creative spirit
as they live out their shared dream.
ANASTASIA TSILIMPIOU, child actress phenomenon and international celebrity.
ALEXANDROS IVOS, a gifted actor, entrepreneur and model.
ANNA-MARIA MANTA, an actress and professional athlete making her theatrical debut.
LIAM IRELAND, The Athenian Players’ rising star and budding talent.
ERO GLAROS, a musician, video art director and theatre manager,
has composed the original music
for the play, giving it its unique and inspiring flavour.
The show, running for just over one hour, takes places on
Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at
9pm and is also available for group bookings.

Horos Tehnis Asomaton Theatre,
6 Agion Asomaton Street, is right next to Thissio Metro station and
in view of the Temple of Hephaestus.
Tickets can be purchased by calling: 211-8009838 or 6949333948

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